Individual Coaching

Are you ready to begin to transform your life? Are you looking for a different more mindful perspective? Are you ready to allow your hidden talents to emerge? Are you curious to experience what your life might become if you focused on connecting more deeply with your talents and living your life from your strengths? Learn tools and practices that enable you to coach yourself. If you are curious, ready to begin to get to know yourself through a lens of strength, then what are you waiting for?

Organizational Consulting

Rose helps individuals, teams and organizations recognize and invest in their unique talents, foster a Strengths-based culture (including practices and processes), and navigate with emotional intelligence skills. She is skilled at helping you uncover patterns of behaviors and beliefs that may be at odds with your values and causing you issues.   Understand your strengths and blind spots. Cultivate connection in the workplace instead of divided-ness. Reduce employee performance issues and change perfunctory employee performance evaluation processes. Learn tools and practices that enable you to self coach.

Coaching for Professionals.

Your life is yours. Have you lost something or part of you along the road? Is your daily behavior in service to your values, your Code of Responsibility, and what you hold most dear in your life? Do you know? Do you feel stuck or going through the motions often? Has autopilot become your norm instead of being present? Has stress become your norm? Learning practical tools to increase your self-awareness and understand your "leading indicators" that your blind spots and triggers are being activated can reduce your stress and create a greater sense of well-being. What gift have you been withholding from the world that only your fears keep you from serving it?

Strengths-Based Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional intelligence (EI) skills are essential for the healthy workplace and our well-being. The World Economic Forum in its report on the Future of Jobs lists EI skills as part of its Top 10 cross-functional skills needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Workplace organizations that value people-centered cultures are evolving because employees are happier, more engaged, effective, productive and innovative. Organizations are focusing on well-being, creating cultures where autonomy, self-awareness, other-awareness, accountability, strengths-based communication and excellence is valued.  

What is emotional intelligence? How do we cultivate and expand these skills? What does it mean to be strengths-based? When we become more attentive to ourselves and others, we expand our capacity to recognize our filters, blind spots, biases, triggers and motivation. We also increase our ability to constructively self-regulate and interact compassionately with others when our preprogrammed survival brain is hijacking our frontal executive functioning. We can begin to discern the complexities and nuances between intention and impact, and take accountability for our role in every situation we are engaged in. Want to See More - Go to Workshops

Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Use. 

Painting by Amanda Houston


“Changing behavior is less a matter of giving people analysis to influence their thoughts than helping them to see the truth to influence their feelings. Both thinking and feeling are essential, and both are found in successful organizations, but the heart of change is in the emotions.”
— John P. Kotter, The Heart of Change
Blind spots encompass more than our limited perspectives. Sometimes we choose not to see things. We avoid seeing the full (usually negative) impacts of our actions. We avoid acknowledging others who disagree with us; we overestimate or underestimate our abilities; and we fail to fully we relate to stress, how we relate to the people and situations that trigger our emotions. This kind of blind spot is often called our shadow...
— Know Yourself, Forget Yourself by Marc Lesser


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