In reflecting on our work with individuals and organizations over the years, we developed this concept of Emotional Aptitude to more fully capture the depth and breathe of the impact our emotional states have on our lives including our thoughts, words, feelings, interactions with others and our ability to embrace and practice our strengths.  Whether we desire to acknowledge it, we are deeply influenced by our emotional state. Organizations are composed of us, so our collective emotional state can be energizing, adaptable, and resilient - allowing for a healthy emotional landscape, or the reality of an organizational's emotional state could be that it is churning underground, festering, fearful, or resistant to change. Sometimes there is a wide delta between what is occurring and what leadership believes is happening.

“Changing behavior is less a matter of giving people analysis to influence their thoughts than helping them to see the truth to influence their feelings. Both thinking and feeling are essential, and both are found in successful organizations, but the heart of change is in the emotions.”
— John P. Kotter, The Heart of Change





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