Self Regulation

Do you know what you are feeling and why? Do you take responsibility for your feelings and the stories you tell yourself? Do you take accountability for the impact you have on others? Do you care for your physical being and sense your visceral reactions? Do you get support when you are struggling? Do you know when you are triggered? Do you tell yourself old stories that you don't really actually believe? Do you see a pattern in your life that you are getting tired of?

To move from autopilot/compulsion/reaction to being in choice and determining a response requires one to be aware of one’s internal states, triggers, impulses, patterns and resources, then regulating them to constructively navigate the circumstances.

If you desire a change in your work or life, 80% of being able to change your behavior is a function of your ability to self-regulate...self-regulation is a skill and enhanceable. You can transform your life and work by becoming more self aware and self-regulating.