Listening with Your Whole Self

Listening........ has many forms. Deep listening involves both registering the words of the person who is speaking as well as sensing the other messages being shared. Active listening includes being aware of body language, facial expressions, tones, pacing, and texture of the the speaker's voice. It is an intellectual exercise and a “felt” experience in the present moment. The person speaking is also picking up your cues too (intentionally or on a subliminal basis). Consider inviting your whole being to listen, your heart, head and gut, in addition to your ears! How does this listening change your experience of the person talking and the situation you are in? How did you feel? What did you notice coming up for you? Keep practicing and see how your relationships evolve.

Here is a sweet practice:

As you walk from room to room in your own home, or travel from place
to place, breathe in and out noticing your surroundings and experience
of the transition of traveling from one place to another. Notice the
differences between motion and stillness. Sense how you relate to
various enclosures and open spaces and the activities within each.

What comes up for you? How does this practice alter your travels?