Feeling Invisible?

When you are not feeling seen or listened to, maybe take a pause and do this exercise? 

Get comfortable in your chair, begin to focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling gently. Take your time, invite your body, emotions and mind to relax into your rhythm...... Perhaps close your eyes, resting in the chair feeling its support and comfort. Imagine being in a place where you are surrounded by beauty, calmness, warmth and love. As you explore this world perhaps find a place to sit to pause and notice the sounds and textures you are experiencing......... As you take in this unfolding sweetness, enjoy its uniqueness. Know that You, too, are a unique being—remarkable and unlike any other.

Sometimes you may believe that you have no qualities that make you stand out, or that you are unworthy... remember you are uniquely talented and it is important that you see You. If you find yourself stuck or unseen, remember that you can see, appreciate and listen to yourself. 

The more I get to know myself and pursue my talents and interests, the more I see the truth of who I truly am. I accept and embody my true self—a unique being, divinely and purposefully created!