The Circle of Life

We don't talk much with one another about death, about significant passages...Uncomfortable, such grief experienced that it closes our thoat, such relief they are no longer in pain and suffering. Today my beloved dog Tillie passed. Her hips gave out before her cancer could fully take her. My therapist, fourteen years ago, said I needed a dog. She was right, I did need Tillie. Tillie, a rescue, at 8 months, had never been on a leash, not a walk, nor had a regular meal...she found in me, a friend who understood suffering and fear. We jogged together through out Santa Fe and the desert, we hiked, snow shoed, walked and stopped to both smell flowers. She learned to eat from a bowl, her fear was so great at mealtime that she would only eat off the floor for several years. She taught me so much and blessed me with her presence. In helping her to find herself, she helped me become myself. Love you sweet pea.