Courage..... Empowerment - What Do They Really Mean?

We hear both of these words often these days. What does it mean to live them? latin means speaking one's mind through one's heart. When I am being courageous, it means my heart is racing, my pulse is pounding, and my palms are sweaty (and) I still voice what I know I must even when I might loose face or be on a shaky limb or fall flat on my face. 

Empowerment.......means to let go. To give another the reins to shine, to falter, to decide, to struggle, to be in the arena, not be in the audience. It means to give power away to another supporting them in finding their way (which may differ from mine), to experience their strengths and to express their unique purpose.

I invite you to choose Courage and Empowerment with your thoughts, decisions and actions in every moment. Really......what have you got to loose?