Savoring Joyful Moments

Why is it so hard to stay in a joyful moment? Yesterday as I was walking along the shores of Lake Tahoe to listen to The Beehive musical at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare festival, I felt such joy. Joy in the beauty surrounding me, joy in the music the Lake waves made when lapping upon the sand beach, joy in the beach combers' sounds of laughter and play, and joy in being with my beloved. Within seconds of this serene moment, my mind raced to some negative thought as if to stay in this joyful moment was too much to bear, too vulnerable....As I reflected, I laughed. I have struggled to trust abundance and allow receptivity. My old unworthiness shadow crept up to say there is only so much joy to go around, the other shoe is going to drop, nothing good lasts.....Brene Brown talks about foreboding joy as a way in which we keep ourselves defended from being hurt or disappointed. When you catch yourself leaving or spoiling a joyful experience, invite yourself to come back to it, let it in, savor it, dwell on it......Why Not?