Expanding Your Perspective

Sometimes it is easy to be expansive and see multiple perspectives and horizons around us. The very nature of the experience invites us to appreciate the breath and depth of the diversity that is present. Other times, it is not easy to image that there is any other direction to take other than the one we believe to be right. It can be a blind spot when we do not recognize that our need to be right is a neurological bias and can be rooted deeply in an unmet need - to be seen/heard, etc.

So what to do? 1) Understand that you have unconscious biases; 2) Notice your emotions, explore your unmet needs and then own your stuff; 3) Invite yourself into a different emotional and intellectual space - Be Curious; 4) Remember there are a million different ways of experiencing a situation/event; 5) There are a number of "right" decisions and actions that could be taken; and 6) Imagine how the situation/event/decision might be experienced at least 5 varied ways. 

Ohhhhhhh and maybe wiggle your toes, if you are willing. It is an ancient practice that will do wonders for you!