Showing Up

What does "Showing Up" mean? Is it a state of mind? Is it an experience? Is it a "felt" sense? Is it an activity? Is it a journey?

To me, it is all of the above. Showing up is about being in this moment and opening up to all of my senses, being aware and willing to be curious with what is occurring around me and with others. Some situations are very difficult to show up in or for. Being present means listening, being curious about differences, being accountable for one's reactions and practicing compassion (both for yourself and others). Showing up is a practice.

Turning the Page

As this new year begins, I dare to open myself up to great things coming my way. I acknowledge and embrace that I am enough, that I am worthy of love and respect, free to pursue my dreams.

I choose to release my perceived limitations, I remember that my future is not defined by the wounds of the past. I turn the page to a new chapter in my life story and cultivate a Beginner's Mind of curiosity, unlimited possibilities, and exploration.


Tillie, my dog, has cancer. A second lump was successfully removed yesterday. At 13, she is slowing down and letting us know her time with us is growing shorter. When she came to me, she was a bundle of fur, terrified of everything including eating out of a bowl. Our first walks were Tillie taking one step then diving into the bushes, followed by, me calmly pulling her out, and encouraging our next step together.  Frighten to eating from a bowl, for the first few years we fed her off the floor so she could feel safer and develop confidence. It took time and care to help her heal from whatever caused to be terrified of a bowl. She eats out of a raised dish now.

We shared a joy of running, hiking, snow shoeing and being outside. She awoke every morning smiling. On walks, she loved taking long sniffs at flowers seemingly enjoying their fragrances. She has taught so much: 1) Love and kindness can heal even the worst wounds; 2) Being present and embracing life is aliveness and allows creativity to flourish; 3) Play and laughter energizes us; 4) Giving, allowing and receiving affection nurtures our souls and feeds contentment; 5) Being someone's friend, feeling a sense of belonging and meaning in one's life is essential to our well-being. 

In Default Mode?

Default mode is good until it becomes a barrier and excuse to not taking the risk to be you. Living life begins inside of yourself and taking risks to express and be yourself. Rio, my cat, loved taking risks and showing what he could do. What it means to be you feels and looks different for everyone. Being you may not be leaping up and scaling the door to balance on its edge.........And find out what it is! Explore what makes you energized and what feeds is short, invest in You!

Walking With Stillness

As you walk from room to room in your home, or travel from place to place, notice each moment as you move. Relax into your breathing, discovering a comfortable easeful rhythm of breathing as you move. Feel your breath as it refreshes your body and invite your shoulders, neck and jaw to let go some of the tension stored there. As you walk, notice your surroundings..... let the sights and sounds ebb and flow through your consciousness.  Experience the transition of traveling from one step to another. Notice the differences and the similarities in between your right side and left foot motion. Is there a space that both can harmonize?Sense how you relate to various enclosures and open spaces and the activities within each place you move through.

What comes up for you? How does this practice alter your travels or movement?

Listening with Your Whole Self

Listening........ has many forms. Deep listening involves both registering the words of the person who is speaking as well as sensing the other messages being shared. Active listening includes being aware of body language, facial expressions, tones, pacing, and texture of the the speaker's voice. It is an intellectual exercise and a “felt” experience in the present moment. The person speaking is also picking up your cues too (intentionally or on a subliminal basis). Consider inviting your whole being to listen, your heart, head and gut, in addition to your ears! How does this listening change your experience of the person talking and the situation you are in? How did you feel? What did you notice coming up for you? Keep practicing and see how your relationships evolve.

Here is a sweet practice:

As you walk from room to room in your own home, or travel from place
to place, breathe in and out noticing your surroundings and experience
of the transition of traveling from one place to another. Notice the
differences between motion and stillness. Sense how you relate to
various enclosures and open spaces and the activities within each.

What comes up for you? How does this practice alter your travels?

Windshield Time

As the windshield wipers glide from end to end, their movement clears the glass of the pouring rain so I can see my path forward. The wipers' rhythm and consistency give me comfort on a gray raining day. As I travel, I give thanks for them. But for their existence, I would be unable to find my way. Practicing gratitude is sometimes recognizing the beauty and gift of the ordinary.  What helps you find your way? 

You don't need to be blindsided by your Blindspots

Interested in discovering more about Blindspots? Check out my interview with Claudette Rowley of Cultural Brilliance on Transformational Talk Radio! Let me know what you think? I appreciate your feedback, it helps me with my own blindspots!

Feeling Invisible?

When you are not feeling seen or listened to, maybe take a pause and do this exercise? 

Get comfortable in your chair, begin to focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling gently. Take your time, invite your body, emotions and mind to relax into your rhythm...... Perhaps close your eyes, resting in the chair feeling its support and comfort. Imagine being in a place where you are surrounded by beauty, calmness, warmth and love. As you explore this world perhaps find a place to sit to pause and notice the sounds and textures you are experiencing......... As you take in this unfolding sweetness, enjoy its uniqueness. Know that You, too, are a unique being—remarkable and unlike any other.

Sometimes you may believe that you have no qualities that make you stand out, or that you are unworthy... remember you are uniquely talented and it is important that you see You. If you find yourself stuck or unseen, remember that you can see, appreciate and listen to yourself. 

The more I get to know myself and pursue my talents and interests, the more I see the truth of who I truly am. I accept and embody my true self—a unique being, divinely and purposefully created!

Get Your Relax On

Experiencing stress? Craving out a few minutes each day to allow yourself to unwind will help decompress your stress. Relaxation is engaging in an activity that feels soothing to you and calming to your mind and body. Could be curling up in bed and reading for a bit. Could be sitting in front of a fire glazing into to the flames and letting your body and mind wonder. Could be taking a soak in a bath with epson salts and lavender. Could be sitting for a few minutes focusing on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling feeling your breath as it enters into your lungs and travels throughout your body oxygenating it. Discover your Relax and integrate it into your life.